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If you have landed in this page, it's either

  1. You explored some of my writings and wanted to know more about me or

  2. Sheer luck

In either case, I would like to say one thing before you proceed.

Hello! Welcome to my personal blog where I try to put A-Z stuff that excites me (you might also get excited).

I am Namburi Gnana Nageswara Veera Venkata Satya Sai Srinath. You can call me Srinath :) I hail from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Currently I am studying MS in CS at University Of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.

I had completed BTech in ECE, NIT Calicut. Besides studying and working, I spend a great deal of time watching movies and reading books of various genres. Also, I am a foodie, play outdoor games and ponder a lot of (unnecessary maybe) stuff such as:

When I am wearing an introvert hat, I feel terrible (maybe FOMO) and want to be an extrovert. As soon as I put the extrovert hat, some inner force says “This is not you”. Though there's no proper threshold for this, I classify myself as an introvert.

Also, I am a Personal Financial Advisor in the space of Mutual Funds. It means, if you are interested in investing but have no idea on where to invest or how to invest, I can offer free advice.

If you wanna hire me or want to have a glance on the technical stuff, please check my Resume before exploring this website.

Feel free to explore this website and if you wanna ask something, don't hesitate. My digital footprint spans across

  1. Linkedin - Frequent User

  2. Medium - Where I write blogs on various topics

  3. GoodReads - Cataloging and reviewing the books I read

  4. Github, HackerRank, Kaggle - Coding stuff

  5. FaceBook - Not a frequent user

  6. Quora - Not a frequent user

In case you wanna mail, send it to namburisrinath\([at]\)gmail\([dot]\)com